About Adam

Why did I run for office?

In my occupation I’ve had the opportunity to brief Generals, Pentagon officials, and business leaders throughout the world. It has been my privilege to work directly with the very best our country has to offer as they protect the freedoms that we so often take for granted as Americans. I believe it is our duty to be wise stewards of that freedom and I am running to continue working for you in preserving and defending those freedoms.

I believe that government’s role is to protect our unalienable rights, NOT to grant rights. Taxes and regulations must be kept in check and family values must be promoted.  Let’s face it, at this point we’re not only working to protect and defend our freedoms, we’re fighting to get them back. 

What is the proper role of Government?

I strongly believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That sounds so simple, and it is in some ways, but as issues have become more complex, sometimes the application of Constitutional Principles is not as clear cut and it is vital to have a clear foundation in these precious principles from which to work. 

Federal entanglements in education, health care, complex retirement funds rules, and control of our land, just to mention a few, have gotten out of control and we must push back. We must look at the critical issues facing our state like finding the right balance between accountability in education and giving educators the freedom to serve our children in the best way possible. We must find ways to attract and retain the best teachers and find innovative ways to stretch our education dollars.  

Why be involved?

The blessings of a free country come with commensurate responsibility. It is incumbent on every citizen to seek out men and women to represent their beliefs and values in the halls of Government. 

You and I  believe in America, and the liberties and ideals on which the country was founded. You and I believe in the preservation and protection of the values we hold dear. 

I am honored to represent you as your legislator. 

Lets talk!  


Cell (385) 325-2877